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Spirituality Day


Last year we held a Spirituality Day in our School.

The teachers planned activities for the children that allowed them to have the opportunity to think about things from a spiritual perspective. Spirituality is about awe and wonder, something beyond the everyday, being connected to something greater, being connected to each other, imagination and creativity. It is really busy in schools nowadays  so it was wonderful to have a quieter day during which the children could spend time really thinking about things, being creative and asking questions.

The theme for the day was reflecting back on our Harvest Festival and considering the miracle of life, the harvest, the seasons, poverty, gratitude, sharing and caring. Reap what you sow—show kindness to receive kindness.

All the classes included an act of worship to open the day and one to allow the children to reflect on what they had learned, bible verses, art, music, literacy, drama  and lots of discussion.

In Year 6 they were considering the journey of food and we talked about food waste and a big pile of misshapen parsnips!


In Year 5 they were creating a lovely Thought Tree and re-creating musical accompaniments for a harvest song.


In Year 3 there was a great discussion about things we take for granted that others do not have—fresh water, washing machines, flushing toilets etc. The children were really thinking about what it would be like without those things we are so used to.

Year 4 were thinking hard about what charity is and how we can be charitable.

Years 1 and 2 were thinking about God’s garden and they planted bulbs, created thought bubbles and poetry, made promises and wrote letters to their families. In Foundation Stage they worked on the awe and wonder and feelings that our early years curriculum gives the children. All in all, it was a lovely day.



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